Venous Reflux Disease

Venous Reflux Disease is a condition that affects the circulation of blood in your lower parts of the body, namely the legs. Venous Reflux Disease is caused by blood pooling up in the legs rather than being forced back up to the heart. Venous Reflux Disease causes varicose veins. Varicose veins, also called Spider Veins can range from small, thin purple lines just under the skin to large, protruding veins that extend beyond the surface of the skin. Varicose veins regardless of how they appear are definitive indicators of venous reflux disease. If unchecked, venous reflux disease can worsen and cause serious circulatory issues. If you have varicose veins, pain your leg, achy, weak and feeble legs, itching skin, swollen legs or ankles, or skin ulcers these may be symptoms of venous reflux disease, and you should come in to see our experts at Southlake for a professional and in-depth evaluation.


About Venous Reflux?


You are more likely to have this condition if you are overweight or pregnant. Venous reflux disease can also be hereditary and run in the family. If you have had damage to your leg you can also be at risk for venous reflux disease. High blood pressure in the legs from a sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise can lead to venous reflux disease.  Our doctors at Southlake can treat venous reflux disease, so call and schedule your appointment today!


Before you can have treatment, you will need to first have an examination. Part of this exam may be an imaging test called a Duplex ultrasound. This looks at blood flow and the structure of the veins in your legs. It will check the speed and direction of blood flow in the blood vessel. After the evaluation, your doctor at Southlake will begin your treatment should it be deemed necessary.


A few treatment options for venous reflux disease are improving blood flow in your legs by keeping them elevated. Medicines that increase blood flow along with compression therapy may be viable options as well. A minimally invasive procedure known as an RFA may be recommended.  A catheter is inserted and places heat on the vein, which closes the causing less blood to pool in your legs. Whatever treatment is right for you, the DOL doctors and Pain Management Doctors in Southlake will work with you to determine the best option for you, so call us today and schedule your appointment at Southlake! Our doctors will get you on the path to a brighter future!

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