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Did you know that, according to an Annals of Epidemiology study conducted in 2005, around 40% of women and 17% of men suffer from chronic venous insufficiency? This condition is caused by insufficient blood flow in the veins. Take control of your vascular health and find out more about care and treatment options for venous insufficiency and varicose veins.


Vein Pain & Venous Conditions

  • Chronic Venous Insufficiency – When the venous walls or valves in your legs are not working as they should, it can make it difficult for the blood in your veins to return to the heart.  This condition is known as CVI, or Chronic Venous Insufficiency.  Instead of flowing properly through the body, CVI causes the blood to pool in the veins.  This collecting or pooling of blood is called stasis.

  • Venous Reflux – Venous Reflux is a result of a malfunction of tiny valves in the veins. This disease, also known as Venous Insufficiency, occurs when the valves no longer force the blood through your veins and back up to the heart. Instead, poor circulation causes the blood to pool in the legs, and as a result of this pooling, veins become distended.

  • Varicose Veins – Varicose veins in the legs and feet are marked by the blue, bulging vein cords seen beneath your skin.  Spider veins or twisted and swollen varicose veins that are often surrounded by patches of capillaries where blood has collected are considered superficial.

  • Restless Legs – This condition is identified by a painful and unpleasant feeling in the legs.  A sensation that causes one to constantly feel the need to move the legs occurs when at rest or relaxing.  Often times, restless legs will become increasingly more severe at night and can keep you up at night.

  • Leg Heaviness – Peripheral Vascular Disease, or PVD, is also known as leg heaviness.  This disease causes blood vessels to narrow, causing poor circulation throughout the body, specifically the legs.  This condition of narrowing blood vessels does not extend to the heart and brain.

  • Spider Veins – Spider veins usually appear close to the surface of the skin and are visible with the naked eye.  They are due to valves that don’t open and allow blood to flow freely through.  Therefore, blood backs up and causes the veins to swell.

  • Leg Pain – Poor circulation through the veins can lead to a number of problems including inflammation, ulcers, flaky skin, or swelling.  Chronic venous insufficiency may cause intense, unpleasant pain around the leg and ankle area.  Symptoms of leg pain or swelling may be signs that it’s time to seek treatment for conditions of chronic venous insufficiency.



“I was treated with the utmost respect, as well as put on a regimen of treatments for my condition that for the first time in many years I can honestly say I have felt better than I ever have. I am very relieved to have found your office because now I am no longer suffering as I was…”

“Dr Vu and Dr Hayee are excellent and caring physicians. They have taken great care of my pain. I would recommend them to anyone.”


“The entire staff seems very caring and concerned. Its great to finally get pain relief after others have failed.”

“Dr Jon Vu and Dr Hayee make me feel like I’m a person instead of a number. They explain what they are doing and take time to talk to me. I will tell anybody that has any pain to come here. I feel at home here.”
30 Million Effected By CVI
Only 17% Have Been Diagnosed
Only 1% Get Treated

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