Venous Insufficiency Treatments

Spider veins, varicose veins, thread veins, or broken veins are all signs of venous insufficiency that can be treated. A unique and innovative treatment option is available to treat venous insufficiency. These treatments will ease pain and reduce noticeability of superficial veins through the skin, giving you back your confidence. Take advantage of all that we have to offer and focus on improving your venous health.


Vein Pain Treatments

  • Sclerotherapy is an injection of sclerosant given directly into a problematic vein. This medication will cause a small amount of chemical damage to the walls of the vein, leading them to close off altogether. Closure of a varicose or spider vein will cause the blood to find a new route through healthier veins to improve circulation.
  • Radiofrequency Ablation, or RFA uses thermal heat to damage and close off the poorly functioning vein. This method for treatment of venous insufficiency is minimally invasive and fast acting, resulting in immediate closure of the problematic vein. This specific procedure takes the place of vein stripping and is most commonly used to treat major varicose veins.

  • Endovenous Laser Ablation is a 30- to 45-minute procedure that is performed in our office to correct venous reflux disease. The patient is given a local anesthesia. EVLA involved placing a laser fiber in the vein using an ultrasound to guide the laser. The energy from the laser will go through the vein and close off the unhealthy vein. Recovery time is immediate and patients are free to go about their day after receiving EVLA. Walking is recommended to get the blood flowing again so that a new, healthier flow route can be established to encourage proper circulation.

  • Varithena is an FDA approved treatment method to improve circulation and decrease the appearances of varicose veins.  A special foam-like substance called polidocanol injectable foam is inserted into the great saphenous vein that runs throughout the legs.  This safe and effective foam will run throughout the veins to improve the look of varicose veins in the legs.

  • Venaseal, or vein glue, is a type of medical adhesive used to treat varicose veins.  This method is fast acting, safe, and effective.  Once again, veins close to the surface of the skin are permanently closed to reroute blood flow to healthier veins.  This method is one of the most recent methods for chronic venous insufficiency to be approved by the FDA and is one of the best ways to treat varicose veins in the small saphenous vein or great saphenous vein.

  • Clarivein is a procedure that involves inserting a small, rotating catheter into the unhealthy vein using an ultrasound to guide the catheter through the vein.  This latest treatment method for improved endovascular health is a safe way to close the diseased vein with little to no pain or bruising at all.  As the catheter is removed from the vein, an FDA-approved substance is released to completely close off the vein and redirect blood flow.

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“I was treated with the utmost respect, as well as put on a regimen of treatments for my condition that for the first time in many years I can honestly say I have felt better than I ever have. I am very relieved to have found your office because now I am no longer suffering as I was…”

“Dr Vu and Dr Hayee are excellent and caring physicians. They have taken great care of my pain. I would recommend them to anyone.”


“The entire staff seems very caring and concerned. Its great to finally get pain relief after others have failed.”

“Dr Jon Vu and Dr Hayee make me feel like I’m a person instead of a number. They explain what they are doing and take time to talk to me. I will tell anybody that has any pain to come here. I feel at home here.”
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